"I want to offer today's kids the same opportunities that were offered to me...if I can help children say no to violence, I know my heart is in the right place!"

Jazz Workshop

Students will study with professional musicians and gain valuable experience performing various styles of jazz, Swing, Latin, standards. Participants will learn the importance of the rhythm section and the discover essential tools for better improvisation.


Musicians will listen to Jazz and work to build their music Library.

Jazz concert and recording at the end of four weeks.

Workshop length: (2 hrs/week) X 4 weeks

Minimum group size is 8 participants

Jazz basics

  • Time: Listening to know if you are "on beat"
  • Articulation: Perfecting attacks and releases
  • Proper phrasing: Discovering the differences in swing, Latin and modern styles
  • Homogenize: Playing together and listening to what others are playing
  • Soloist skills: Interacting with, and showing respect for, other performers

The rhythm section

  • Integrating the soloists into the rhythm section
  • Using listening examples to build the rhythm section


  • Introduction to the blues and pentatonic scales
  • Improvising made easy with proven tips and techniques

Putting it all together

  • Sight singing and rehearse, and record a specially created chart
  • Receive a critique of your original work by your workshop facilitator